About Me

Natalie Russo Zoghby is an artist working primarily in the field of painting, using a combination of innovative media to create vibrant and abstract sculptural paintings. Born and raised in Birmingham, AL, she has a degree in Art and Fashion Design from the University of Alabama and a further graduate certificate in Art and Medicine from the University of Florida. She has always considered herself an artist and maintains a dedicated artistic practice, working from her studio in Birmingham to create new pieces. 

Zoghby frequently participates and exhibits at art markets and events. In 2020 she designed the window display for The Pizits Food Hall in Birmingham. She has participated in the live painting event ArtBLINK since 2016, each year successfully raising money for cancer research. She is an active art educator, teaching both adults and children, and has previously taught art classes at Children’s of Alabama Hospital, UAB’s Neonatal ICU and various organizations for people with intellectual disabilities. In 2019 she attended the Age Creativity training program hosted by The Creative Centre, New York City. Zoghby is innovative in bringing art classes to unconventional places. She created the successful monthly event ‘Paints and Pints’, running live painting classes rotating around local breweries in Birmingham for four years between 2016 and 2020. Zoghby also creates exclusive and unique pieces for commission, engaging her clients in a conversational process in order to produce pieces reflecting personal and individual ideas. 

Artist Statement 

Just like eggshells, flowers are delicate. You must be gentle and handle with care. They reproduce. They signify growth, love, beauty, hope, strength. The Sweet Flower of Love is everlasting. Natalie Russo Zoghby is an artist working primarily in the field of painting, using a combination of innovative media to create bold and abstract paintings. Zoghby describes herself as an eggshell botanical artist. She creates abstract sculptural paintings using an individual process, innovatively utilizing eggshells to craft her unique pieces. Informed by color theory, each Eggshell Flower is carefully created with thick layers of impasto paint applied to the shell fragments, transforming them into vibrant abstract petals. The recycling of egg shells in her practice not only serves to provide dimension to her painting, but also reflects her ethical and environmental conscience. Each piece uses eggshells that remain from meals prepared for Zoghby’s family. This practice follows a long tradition of women artists who thoughtfully repurpose remnants and scraps from their daily lives. Just as beautiful quilts are made from remnants of fabric, the broken and cracked eggshells are reincorporated into a new artistic form. Zoghby’s practice demonstrates humanity’s ability to adapt and adjust in difficult circumstances. Each flower tells a story of family, motherhood, survival and the need to create beauty with the means we have available. Zoghby is also skilled in delicate paper sculpture, creating larger scale work and installations informed by the blossoming of spring and the abundance of summer. For her large-scale abstract painting, water is the most pertinent influence, a combination of acrylic, watercolor and alcohol ink flowing onto the canvas in its own vibrant and spontaneous path. Drawing and sketching elements directly from the natural world greatly informs Zoghby’s practice. She draws upon the transience and beauty of the natural world in her work: the temporal nature of the flower and its falling petals, the ebb and flow and movement of water, and elements of seasonality and decay.